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Building a website to promote great software

Old screenshot of EVA Old screenshot of EVA

A look at Rick’s old website. Hint: Hover to view new homepage

Rick had already created a great product but he needed a website to match, but his skills lied in building great software, not a great website. That’s when we were able to help.

When our client reached out, he already had an existing website but it wasn’t doing his product enough justice. In Rick’s words, he needed something “that wasn’t shit”. Rick wanted to start promoting one of his main products, StepUp, and allow other Energy Advisors to be able to easily access his products on the web. He needed a website with a professional design that was built credibility to Energy Advisors, while still being persuasive to promote his product.

A haven for Energy Advisors to save time

Screenshot of Energy View Automation, showing the top of the home page

The main purpose of the new website is to start promoting his products, mainly EVA StepUp, a product designed to save time writing compliant BC Step Code reports for Energy Advisors.

To achieve this, we decide to focus on: 

  • An emphasis on promoting his main product, StepUp, to boost sales.

  • An intuitive site design and navigation to make it easy for Energy Advisors to quickly learn about StepUp and how to use it.

  • A consistent, professional design throughout the website.

How’d it turn out?

As Rick’s product was created for Energy Advisors in mind, we wanted to use that as the backbone of the design and functionality of the website.

In other words, the site needed to look professional, concise (no hunting around for what you need), and offer value to the visitor.  
Hint: hover over the plus signs below for more information.

A bright and modern look within the technology space

We took what our client provided and revamped it into a website they could be proud of. We used a tech-based look of a white background, rounded squares with box shadows, and complimentary colours using green from their logo.

Parallax effects and animations bring the site into the 21st century

Throughout the site our web developer brought a modern approach to design by adding parallax effects as you scroll down the page and background SVG images were embedded with movement. The home hero was custom coded to move around its axis with every move of the mouse. Check it out!

A keen eye for stock images was needed for design

Our lead designer curated many of the images within the website through stock libraries. He wanted to bring bright and welcoming imagery while complimenting the green color palette and show energy advisors in the field. The result was an inviting take on the technology startup.

Soft animated headlines and parallax effects

Our lead web designer, Jamie, enhanced the user experience further by adding animated headlines throughout the site and parallax animations for more interactivity and fun.

A products page that highlights the benefits

Our content writer Crystal worked diligently with the client to formulate a product page for EVA Stepup. It contains EVA StepUp benefits, software requirements, pricing, photos, FAQs,  and a menu with custom icons for easy navigation for the user.

A Woocommerce-based setup for future products

Jamie created an engaging and easy-to-read main products page that showcased the EVA Stepup software as its primary product. In the future, new products will be displayed down the page along with its subsequent product page.

Custom animations and icons

Flying airplane svg animations were added on the about page, a movable backgreound gear animation, and custom icons throughout the product page for the navigation and benefits sections. This breathed life into the design and made the sections easy to understand.

What did our client think?

“Mark and his team built me a fantastic site! It exceeded my expectations! They took time to understand what I was trying to achieve and delivered big time! They were responsive to my questions and emails and supported me through the process. Thanks WMWL!”

~ Rick Martin of EVA (Google Review)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a custom logo for my brand?

Having a custom logo for your brand makes your business look more professional and reputable. It also helps with consistency across different media platforms like business cards, social media profiles, and your website. Customers are more likely to trust your business if your branding looks professional, which means they are more likely to contact you for your services, too.

Why should I work with a web design professional?

Well, this one is hard to answer in short form. I mean, we all want to save money and with the advertisements from companies like Squarespace, GoDaddy, and others, its sure seems like websites can do DIY. Well, they can but they may not get found. Which is what you want, right?

Look, much like your business SEO is complicated. So focus on what you are good at and let us help with the SEO and web design.

Is it worth it to have a Google Business Profile (GBP) if I’m only selling software online?

Absolutely! A GBP acts as free advertising when people are searching for keywords related to your product.

Even if you don’t have a physical location, people searching for answers can come across your website and contact information before they scroll down the page to your competitors. 

Why are Google Analytics so important?
Having Google Analytics (GA) installed and configured properly on your website gives us valuable data about your users ranging from demographics, to how they got to your website, to how long there were there and so much more. By understanding and analyzing the data, we can better plan for the future.
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