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Can you help me get my
WordPress website found on Google?

Melody has a home-based business where she practices reiki, reflexology, and animal reiki (on pets). She and her friends built a website in November of 2018 using WordPress but after a year she was still ranking poorly for her keywords. Like, 5th-page-of-Google poor.

Like every new business, Melody was on a limited budget so we didn’t mind breaking some rules on this project. We typically build our websites on a separate server or domain and then launch it once everyone is happy with it. But in this case, we decided to build it out on the fly, in a live environment. The results speak for themselves.

Sometimes, getting clear and organized is half the battle when it comes to On-Page SEO.

It ws about getting clear about her services and then ensuring each service had its own page on the website. Then we optimized each page for the local search terms including the headings, the text itself, the image file name and alt tags, page meta descriptions, page slugs and much more.
  • Getting clear about the services she offered and what made her so unique, so we could highlight her features and customer benefits.
  • Add keywords to headings, text, filenames and alt tags wherever possible to optimize on-page SEO.
  • Create and configure Google Analytics and Google Search Console properties and link to her existing Google My Business Listing.

How’d it turn out?

Within 90 days from the project start date and 15 days of being complete, we already had climbed to the first page of Google for all three of Melody’s search terms.

“reiki parksville”

Website was on page 5 on October 30, 2019

“reiki parksville”

Website is already on page 1 on January 13, 2020
reiki in parksville Google search results January 2020

“reflexology in parksville”

Website was on page 5 on October 30, 2019

“reflexology in parksville”

Website is already on page 1 on January 13, 2020
reflexology in parksville Google search results January 2020

“animal reiki parksville”

Website was on page 2 on October 30, 2019
animal reiki in parksville Google search results October 2019

“animal reiki parksville”

Website is already #1 and #2 on January 13, 2020
reflexology in parksville Google search results January 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a small-business website like this cost?

Well, every project is different and honestly, a lot of it is up to you. How quickly can you create or supply the text for each page? Have you already got the images or do you need to scour endless stock image libraries? It all takes time, so how organized are you?

At first Melody was quite apprehensive about hiring a professional web designer and spending the extra money because like most people, she thought she could do it herself. But we think Melody is quite happy with the results because now the people looking for her services can actually find her.

How do I get myself to the top of Google for my keywords?

Sometimes this is easier said than done. A lot can depend on how popular your keywords are or how competitive the organic website rankings are. For example, it is easier to rank for ‘parksville blacksmith’ than ‘parksville realtor’ because there is more competition for realtors than blacksmiths in Parksville.

SEO is a labour of love. Proper planning can go a long way to optimizing a page for your keywords. Knowing your keywords before you start is key, really. Contact us, we’d be happy to talk more about your SEO needs.

Do I need a Google My Business (GMB) Listing?

Yes, yes, yes, OMG yes! Although I’m in the business of building websites, I’m really more about helping you get your business found online! That’s the goal, no matter how it happens. And with Google using structured snippets to display more and more information from websites in search results, a GMB Listing is essential for any local business.

We’re confident in saying that in the not-to-distant-future a well done GMB Listing may be more valuable than a well done website. We may write an article about this someday, stay tuned.

Why are Google Analytics so important?

Having Google Analytics (GA) installed and configured properly on your website gives us (and you, of course) valuable data about your users ranging from demographics, to how they got to your website, to how long there were there and so much more.

By understanding and analyzing the data, we can make sound data-driven decisions and execute a plan for the future.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Simply Serene no longer operates in the same capacity and only does phone appointments. Simply Serene still ranks on the first page of Google for the search terms ‘reiki parksville’.

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