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Harbour Hazmat

Improving an established company’s online presence

Devon reached out to our team in the hopes of improving leads for his business with a refreshed website.

Although there was nothing inherently wrong with his old website, there was still room for improvement. Devon decided to ask for our help for a total website redesign leaning towards a more professional tone and clarity of services.

We took the time to thoroughly research his services, competitors, and local search intent to promote his business in the best way possible. We also updated his logo for a more consistent look.

An approachable website
for hazmat services 

A Mindful Health Journey Hero image website refresh

Devon’s main goal was to have an updated website that was informative, helpful, and available so potential customers could find his business easier.

  • Fresh, new content to submit for Google for indexing meant a better chance at scoring for more local keywords (and leads)

  • A look at the technical and on-page side of SEO to ensure URLs, headings, and all the backend code was compliant for search engines and users to both benefit from

  • A consistent design to demonstrate the company’s professionalism and care to attention on the job

How did we do?

The new website for Harbour Hazmat has a clean, professional look that is both informative and easy to navigate. Our careful attention to detail helps promote HH’s professional and thorough business practices.
Hint: hover over the plus signs below for more information.

A fresh logo and branding with a professional feel

Our graphic designer, Tom, revamped the Harbour Hazmat logo to incorporate their yellow triangle which was an emphasis on their previous website. Our lead designer, Jamie, meshed the dark and light blue colors of the logo to match the site.

A style that stands out and professional design

We decided on a unique style of horizontal lines that blend well with the yellow triangle and our lead designer also added unique animations to the Harbour Hazmat logos and icons throughout the site. A strong, professional, and easy to read font was chosen in the logo and in the typography.

Service categories and ease of use

We are always thinking of the user when it comes to design; we first split Harbour Hazmat’s services into five categories. We created a page for each service, and a call to action with contact information at the bottom of every page, which would promote action and ease of use for the user.

SEO-Driven content to help the business rank high

Crystal, our lead content writer, worked together with the client to come up with professional, SEO-dense content for their hazmat business. Volume-based keywords were used throughout the site to drive traffic.

Custom imagery and icons on service pages

Our lead designer, Jamie, edited the website’s images to give the same look of horizontal lines as the rest of the site to make it blend purposefully. He also chose the perfect stock images that are on-brand with the business and are most likely to convert potential customers. Our graphic designer, Tom, also added custom icons in the service pages.

Explanation of the process To help drive traffic

Crystal further explained what the process looks like for each service and what to expect for the potential customer. This helps give the necessary details to the potential customer when making a decision on reaching out to the business, thus adding transparency and trust.

A woman making a heart with her hands over her tummy

Other small details…

Although minor, sometimes the small details can have the biggest impact.

On the contact page, the contact information is readily visible, including a contact form. The design is concise, sleek, and promotes the confident and professional tone we were looking for.

We kept this consistency throughout the backend of the website, too. A technical adjustment to the permalinks (url) improved the ability for search engines to read and understand what these pages are about. Good for Google Bots, even better for visitors!

We went the extra mile on each individual service page, too.  We included additional information for each service to add a higher level of transparency and professionalism from the point of view of potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should web developers pay attention to the overall tone of a website?

 A website is an extension of a business, brand, and identity. It should follow the same brand guidelines as the rest of the marketing material. 

Businesses that have consistency throughout their marketing materials, such as their website, social media accounts, business cards, and other branding materials appear to potential customers as being more professional and reliable. 

These days, it is expected for businesses to have a website. Often, this can be the first impression the potential customers get, so it is important to match the values and tone of the company right away. 

Consistency throughout the website as seen through tone, color, image selection, and other minor patterns collectively have a large impact on your users’ experience.

Then we added our premium for building tool which allows us to customize the fields to be similar to the old CF ones and still have the same actions take place. An API key was created on her existing ActiveCampaign account and when a user submits their information, they are automatically added to her list and the automation begins.

Pretty cool stuff.

Why should I work with a web design professional?

Well, this one is hard to answer in short form. I mean, we all want to save money and with the advertisements from companies like Squarespace, GoDaddy, and others, its sure seems like websites can do DIY. Well, they can but they may not get found. Which is what you want, right?

Look, much like your business SEO is complicated. So focus on what you are good at and let us help with the SEO and web design.

Do I need a Google Business Profile (GBP) or Google My Business (GMB) Listing?

Yes, yes, yes! Although we are in the business of building websites, we would be confident in saying that in the not-to-distant-future a well done GBP/GMB Listing may be more valuable than a well done website. More on this to come.

Why are Google Analytics so important?

Having Google Analytics (GA4) installed and configured properly on your website gives us valuable data about your users ranging from demographics, to how they got to your website, to how long there were there and so much more. By understanding and analyzing the data, we can better plan for the future.

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