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Deep Bay Marina

A new website
from the depths

A low online presence and awkward website kept them sunk for too long. Page clicks were sending visitors away to external tide and weather sources, and current visitors were not fully engaged even if they wanted to be.

Deep Bay Marina needed to attract customers and let them know they were an alternative marina to those in nearby Nanaimo and Oceanside. Searching for “Deep Bay Marina” on Google still kept you searching because they were not among the first few results.

We needed to increase their virtual presence, update their website to answer questions people have been searching for, and amp up the quality of content provided. Their old website had information for tides and weather, but they sent visitors away to external sources so this had to be fixed.

Deep Bay is a prime choice for a marina, so they just needed to let more people know what great services they actually have to offer.

The challenge ahead of us

old version of website for Deep Bay Marina

Deep Bay Marina’s online presence was quite minimal. An analysis of their search engine optimization (SEO) revealed that unless you were directly searching for their name (Deep Bay Marina), you had a pretty slim chance of finding them.

They had virtually no traffic from visitors and the content on their website was very low. Similar moorage sites in the area had a lot more content that answered questions – what services and features the marina had, rates and fees, marina procedures and regulations, applications, and weather or tidal information.

Although the original site did have access to weather and tide information, that was the majority of useful information and it wasn’t even on the website. Clicks on those links sent viewers off to an external website. Our goal was to amp up their website to answer as many questions from potential customers as possible – without them having to go elsewhere for answers.

We had to help, and fast. This was our approach:

  • Identified the services and ammenities available at the marina.
  • Create an elegant website that reflects the simplicity and beauty of the marina itself.
  • Set up search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to grab those customers that are already looking for Deep Bay Marina’s services.
  • Improve visitor engagement through on-site information and forms.
  • Create a new, professional logo that aligns with the look and feel of their new website.

How’d it turn out?

We created a beautiful and functional website that finally put Deep Bay Marina on the map. This simple four-page website really packs a punch with its concise information and elegant design.
Hint: hover over the plus signs below for more information.

Welcoming Image

First impressions count, so we made sure Deep Bay Marina showed its best feature first by displaying a full length picture showing the marina.

Moorage fast facts

Moorage is the top interest for customers. We wanted access to the information to be as easy as sailing on clear waters.

Location matters

Deep Bay isn’t as well known as other places on the Sunshine Coast, so convincing the visitor that it is a convenient option was important to us.

Visit virtually, first

Photos give the marina more authenticity and draw in customers because they can get a feel for the area.

One stop for weather and tides

Checking tides and weather information used to send visitors away from the website. Now, it is all in one place. Convenient.
new keyword rankings deep bay marina

Following up a few months later…

Leads and organic keyword rankings get boosted

A few months after the launch of the new website, we checked in to see how well Deep Bay Marina was doing. The results look great!

The new moorage request forms now offer a method to measure leads and applications. This simple change boosted visitor engagement and business for the marina. Annual and transient moorage requests starting pouring in once these forms went live. A win-win for visitors and the marina.

Deep Bay Marina was almost nonexistent in the virtual world, and now they rank for over 20 keyword phrases (up from 4). There are also growing trends for website traffic and backlinks. They are off to a great start and are still sailing on high winds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a custom logo for my brand?

Having a custom logo for your brand makes your business look more professional and reputable. It also helps with consistency across different media platforms like business cards, social media profiles, and your website. Customers are more likely to trust your business if your branding looks professional, which means they are more likely to contact you for your services, too.

Why should I work with a web design professional?

Well, this one is hard to answer in short form. I mean, we all want to save money and with the advertisements from companies like Squarespace, GoDaddy, and others, its sure seems like websites can de DIY. Well, they can but they may not get found. Which is what you want, right?

Look, much like your business SEO is complicated. So focus on what you are good at and let us help with the SEO and web design.

How important is visitor engagement?

Actively engaging visitors on your website means you have their attention and they are less likely to get distracted by an external website (like a competitor). Not only can you show the visitor your services and products, but things like filling out a form or having a cool feature they like to use can be showcased.

A simple form can help business owners keep organized through various requests and helps with tracking leads. Cool features or helpful information can be shared on social media, organically increasing your site’s traffic.

Do I need a Google Business Profile Listing?

Yes, yes, yes! Although we are in the business of building websites, we would be confident in saying that in the not-to-distant-future a well done Google Business Profile  may be more valuable than a well done website. More on this to come.

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