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Parksville Community Centre Society

A new website for their new location

The Parksville Community Centre Society has seen some major changes, including a forced relocation of its physical space. Their current website had to have some quick changes but it hadn’t seen much love over the years, so even a small update was proving to be problematic.

We decided to step-in and help them get back on their feet. A new and improved website will not only look nice and attract visitors, but it will also help boost the morale of the community. Their slogan, “Where Community Comes Together” is not just on paper, but it is a way of life for Parksville residents.

Websites Made With Love is based in Parksville so we jumped on the chance to help out an iconic feature that our families have personally enjoyed over the years. Putting our heart into the community is a natural part of who we are. If we can help out and bring joy to others, then why not?

Community comes together with web design

PCC old desktop
Since the old website broke as soon as any minor updates were attempted, we started fresh on a new platform using tools and software we confidently use on a daily basis. Website maintenance and security were at the forefront of our redesign, along with making it easy to navigate and user-friendly. PCCS just relocated so it was time to also relocate their website to a better design.
  • Update address, services, and opportunities at the PCCS.
  • Boost website security and update all themes and plugins.
  • A fresh design that the community can navigate with ease.

What did we do?

We organized the website and made available services, events, and opportunities easier to find. We even made something like booking a room to rent more interactive for the visitor. Check it out below!
Hint: hover over the plus signs below for more information.

Improved Navigation

We beefed up the navigation to show the important things, like events and membership, right off the bat.

Room Map

This interactive map has information and photos for each room. The user hovers their mouse over the “+” sign and room features like rates, ammenities, room size, a photo showing the space, and a button to click to rent the room pops up.

Connect With Community

Many people use the PCCS to rent rooms for their events. We wanted to showcase that with a banner that was both clear and sophisicated.

Room Request Form

Renting a room shouldn’t be hard, so a basic form right under the room map just made sense. We wanted the process to be easy.

Contact Banner

PCCS offers more than just room rentals. We also created pages for an event calendar, membership, volunteer opportunities, and more.

A new home online

PCC New Home

Instead of hiding behind a failing website, residents now have access to the services, events, and opportunities offered by the Parksville Community Centre Society. Something so beneficial to the community needs to be shown. This iconic organization really resembles the heart of Parksville residents and we are proud to have been able to help them out.

The new website now has more structure for both volunteers and visitors. Designated forms for requesting room rentals, volunteering, and becoming a member are now easy to find and use. These forms are being sent to the appropriate team member which speeds up processing time and makes everything run smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with a web design professional?

Well, this one is hard to answer in short form. I mean, we all want to save money and with the advertisements from companies like Squarespace, GoDaddy, and others, its sure seems like websites can de DIY. Well, they can but they may not get found. Which is what you want, right?

Look, much like your business SEO is compicated. So focus on what you are good at and let us help with the SEO and web design.

How important are forms on a website?

We get it, when you first think of “forms” you may be imagining pages and pages of questions and what a hassle they are to fill out. But, forms can be very efficient and beneficial to both the owner and the user when used properly.

Designated forms that are concise and placed in appropriate places can help organize different aspects of your business and direct workflow to the correct person to deal with it. As long as you are only asking the user to provide answers that directly relate to what they are interested in, it usually works just fine. It is when they want to sign up for a service and are being asked questions about their life story that it starts to get annoying. Don’t do that.

Do I need a Google Business Profile (GBP) or Google My Business (GMB) Listing?

Yes, yes, yes! Although we are in the business of building websites, we would be confident in saying that in the not-to-distant-future a well done GBP Listing may be more valuable than a well done website. More on this to come.

Why should I be concerned about website security?

Website security is a crucial part of running a website. You’ll want your users to know they are as safe as possible while browsing your site. If you have an ecommerce website (an online store) then you definitely want some sort of security to protect sensitive information like names, addresses, and credit cards.

Not only that, having a secure website makes it easier to maintain. Even if the content on the page never changes, the tools behind the scenes need to get updated and refreshed all the time. Security updates get added to these tools on a regular basis, so continual maintenance is important to keep yourself and your visitors protected online.

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