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Golf Cart Configurator Website: Cart Mart Inc.

Published on November 30, 2020

After seeing and hearing about the success of our first golf cart configurator website from the happy client himself, Cart Mart Inc. wanted their own golf cart configurator website.

Why did Cart Mart Inc. want a Golf Cart Configurator Website?

The benefits of one of these websites for a Club Car dealer are obvious, right? I mean these websites sell themselves, basically. Let’s look at why they’re so important for a dealership in 2021 that’s on top of their marketing in the digital age.

A few years ago, Club Car launched its new Onward PTV line and alongside it, they launched this excellent tool where golf cart buyers could build their own golf cart visually on their website. Buyers could choose from different body colours, seats, tires, and so on and easily send a quote to their local dealer and the dealer could follow up from there with the buyer.

It revolutionized things for golf cart buyers.

There was only one problem, as most dealers have loads of used golf cart inventory to sell each year as they take golf cart fleet trade-ins from golf courses that purchase new golf carts from the dealer. And having to sell 60 golf carts one by one, to individuals that like to customize can become time-consuming. Wages are costly are all business owners know.

Enter our very first used golf cart configurator website for Isle Golf Cars.

Another revolution.

Custom ‘Skin’ Plugin to Restyle the Golf Cart Configurator Website

Cart Mart Inc. (CMI) is one of California’s largest Club Car dealers and of various other manufacturers of golf carts, utility vehicles, personal transportation vehicles, and their high standards helped raise the bar for building a golf cart configurator website that all parties could be proud of.

With the help and input from the lead designer at CMI, we worked together with the developers of the Visual Product Configurator plugin, to create a new custom skin plugin that was all our original design and catered to our product: golf carts.

Some of the highlights include a custom full-width, headerbar area that clearly defined the configurator itself from the navbar/menu at the top. It created a really nice container for the golf cart and its options. It also featured the price, the name of the model selected, and some disclaimers about taxes, freight, and more all in one easy to view and rear place. See highlights in red below in the screenshot.

Other custom skin highlights include rounded icons for the options and components in the right hand panel. These options can open and close with the click of the mouse to make it easy to navigate and scroll up and down, all the while the golf cart image stays sticky on the left side. It definitely works best on a desktop/laptop but it does function pretty well on a mobile device, too.

If your website could use some love or if you’d like to know more about one of our golf cart configurator websites, we’re excited to hear from you. Send us an email at hello@websitesmadewithlove.com or visit our contact page to get in touch with us.