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Website Redesign for Parksville Tire Store

Website Redesign: Parksville Tire Store

Published on February 2, 2021

An older website that ranked well for its search terms badly needed a facelift to match the online image of its parent companies brand. It was time for a website redesign.

Our Website Redesign Strategy 

Website traffic can lead to foot traffic. It turns leads into customers. We did a website redesign for the Parksville Tire Store because the existing website while ranking fairly well for local queries, left lots to be desired when it came to style, design, and on-page SEO optimization by 2021 standards.

This was clearly a problem. The old website wasn’t up to current digital standards and was affecting the brand identity of the Parksville Tire Store negatively. We redesigned the website so that the Parksville Tire Store brand closer matched that of the parent companies website at harrisoceansidegm.com.

Our Website Redesign Process

What from the old website was working, and what wasn’t working? We met with the client and discussed the best way to move forward. 

We established what pages we were going to keep and then created a strategy for where to funnel our website traffic to when they land on the website. Our goal has been to drive traffic to the Online Service Scheduler on the main website while also providing valuable information about tires for the consumer

We discussed how the branding from the old website will influence the colour scheme and type kit of the new website. We did our best to tie the branding and message together with the parent company.

Once we established the basics, we started building the website. We found quality images from both their media library and our complimentary stock photo library, then added colours, fonts, and our basic styling was in place.

When curating images for web use we’re always implementing best practices along the way by ensuring each image is at 72dpi, compressed for web, and now we’re serving our images in Google’s new .webp format through our premium theme provider.

The first page we mock up/layout is generally the home page. Once we designed the home page to our standards, we duplicated the page and modified it per content on each new page. Our process is efficient and saves us time and saves our clients’ money. 

Why Was This Website Redesign Effective?

Our website design for the Parksville Tires Store was effective because of our approach. We clearly stated our objective so that we would know how to make our website design “effective.” 

We created the design based on where we wanted traffic to go and what action we wanted users to take. For example, there are calls to action (CTA’s) on the web pages that lead to the contact page, or to the directory where a tire service can be scheduled online. We established our objective and made the design accordingly. 

How We Measure a Website Redesign’s Effectiveness?

The beauty of websites is the ability to collect and analyze user data through tools like Google Analytics. Luckily, we were able to get access to the existing GA tracking number that was on the old website.

Why is this important you ask?

Well, now we can note if traffic increases, decreases, spends more or less time on certain pages, and all that good stuff. The ability to compare past and current results are so important to making future decisions on how to spend your marketing dollars wisely. We do our best to help in this regard.

If your website could use some love and you’d like to know more about how we can help, we’re excited to hear from you. Send us an email at hello@websitesmadewithlove.com or visit our contact page to get in touch with us.